Business Wellness in Hamilton

On Business Wellness in Hamilton, Linda explores a variety of essential topics paramount to business development and wellness in Hamilton.

Tune in for dynamic discussions buzz-worthy topics such as emotional intelligence, employee engagement, mental health, company culture and much more.

Linda Marshall is President of Marshall Connects, and author of Giving Back, How to Find Your Personal Joy and Make a Difference to Others.

Linda interviews a variety of Thought Leaders within their perspective fields in Hamilton, who all bring their unique approach to Business Wellness.

Hamilton is an innovative city because of its innovative people - as we continue to evolve and grow it becomes essential to discuss workplace wellness, work-life balance, employee engagement, and overall workplace challenges.

  • From CEO's and HR Managers to Authors and Educators, they will share with us their experiences to enable you to create a positive workplace where everyone can manage the stress that comes from hard work, to enhance employee engagement and effectively manage workplace challenges.
    - Linda Marshall, Host of Business Wellness

Business Wellness on Cable 14 HamiltonEPISODES

2019 Episode 4: How to Instill the Drive to Achieve within Your Team

Host Linda Marshall invites her guest to discuss how instilling the drive to achieve within your team will strengthen both your team and organization.

2019 Episode 3: The Impact Physical Wellness has on the Workplace

Host Linda Marshall invites her guest to discuss how physical wellness impacts the workplace and ways to support individuals to benefit both the team and organization.

2019 Episode 2: Reputation Building to Strengthen your Brand

Host Linda Marshall invites her guest to discuss how developing strong and lasting relationships will positively impact your organization.

2019 Episode 1: How Mental and Financial Wellness Affects Your Bottom Line

Host Linda Marshall opens a discussion about mental and financial health and how affects the workplace.

2018 Episode 4: How to Foster a Mentally Healthy Workplace

Host Linda Marshall and her guests discuss how employers can create a mentally healthy workplace environment for all employees, including those dealing with specific mental health issues.

2018 Episode 3: Women in Business Leadership Panel

Host Linda Marshall and the Women in Business Leadership Panel engage in a lively discussion about women in leadership roles, with a special emphasis on developing confidence as entrepreneurs.

2018 Episode 2: Developing Leaders in Your Organization

What are the most important aspects for businesses who want to grow and develop leadership capabilities in their employees? It's a great question – and host Linda Marshall tackles it on this episode of Business Wellness in Hamilton.

2018 Episode 1: The Drive By Life Phenomenon

Host Linda Marshall has coined the term Drive By Life Phenomenon to describe the new behaviours that have emerged in recent years as a result the impact of digital technology has on our business and personal lives.

2017 Episode 8: Employee Engagement

Data proves that reaching business success is directly correlated to having engaged employees. Engaged employees perform on a much higher level, ultimately increasing effectiveness and overall productivity.

2017 Episode 7: Leading With Compassion

We’re learning about new research indicating the benefits of encouraging a culture of compassion to reduce workplace stress.  The results are not just a more satisfied and content place of work but a stronger bottom line.

2017 Episode 6: Resilience is Key to Business Endurance

When business operations change, employees must be nimble and prepared to learn new skills which may include re-educating themselves and be ready to think and do things differently.

2017 Episode 5: Why Mentoring is Important To Your Career

Mentorship in business is a win-win situation for both the business and the employees who participate – both gaining a significant return on investment.

2017 Episode 4: How Company Culture Can Affect Your Bottom Line

When employers focus on advancing a healthy company culture, they see significant employee retention, enhanced reputation, increased productivity, and become known in their industry for high-quality products and services.

2017 Episode 3: Are You Supporting Mental Health in Your Workplace?

Mental health is a topic we’re hearing about more often and that’s a good thing. Mental health issues not only affect people’s quality of life, they affect work morale, performance, and overall productivity.

2017 Episode 2: Why Emotional Intelligence is Key to Success

Business Wellness is driven by employees with strong emotional intelligence. Learn how Emotional intelligence is imperative to your success and those who practice it, get phenomenal results.

2017 Episode 1: How Millennials Can Impact Your Business

Linda talks to local business leaders about to find out how the Millennials generation can impact your business.

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