Online Training & Webinars

Marshall Connects can help you empower and boost you/your team's success through our emotional intelligence online training and webinars. Our online training lets you and your team achieve business growth and development. It is an ideal training method to help organizations and individuals thrive.

About Our EQ Training and Webinars

Our on-demand, live, and custom online training and webinars feature the best training design practices.  This form of consistent learning will elevate you/your organization to excel rapidly. 

Marshall Connects hosts various dynamic and stimulating remote learning opportunities to maximize individual and organizational development, all available internationally. Our online training and webinars are efficient, effective, and an excellent way for management and employees to focus on corporate progression while participating in a dynamic environment. 

Our online learning enables you and your team to be more engaged and productive while focusing on the specific subject matter. Each participant will review workbooks, documents, and applications virtually.  On-demand webinars are available as desired, and live webinar presentations are interactive, allowing for participation and discussion. 

Marshall Connects' online training and webinars promote emotional awareness, uncover the power of emotional intelligence, and challenge participants to learn the necessary skills to better self-manage and navigate interpersonal relationships thoughtfully.

How does it work?

  • Online training and webinars are virtual and recordable.
  • An on-demand webinar typically lasts 45-60 minutes but can range from 30-90 minutes.
  • Live online training sessions can run from 45-180 minutes.
  • Custom training and webinars can be created by contacting Marshall Connects today.

What are the benefits?

  • Reach organizational or personal development goals.
  • Flexible training options – on-demand, live, or custom.
  • Learning is self-paced and independent.
  • Individual or group learning opportunities.
  • Effective and efficient time management, no travel necessary.
  • Promotes independence and self-disciplined learning.
  • Offers enhanced self-disciplined learning, collaboration and communication opportunities.

The possibilities are infinite, including custom-designed webinars for groups or individuals. Clients can consult Marshall Connects to develop online training supporting their workplace needs. Meeting our client's needs is our top priority, and we take time to create training that meets your team and organizational objectives.

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On-Demand Webinars:

Webinar | Introduction to Emotional Intelligence

Webinar | Introduction to Emotional Intelligence


Learn why emotional intelligence is critical to your success with access to this Introduction to Emotional Intelligence Webinar created by Marshall Connects. 
Webinar | Why Emotional Intelligence Is Critical To Success

Webinar | Why Emotional Intelligence Is Critical To Success


Understand why Emotional Intelligence is critical to your success with access to this Introduction to Emotional Intelligence webinar by Marshall Connects.

How Emotionally Intelligent Are You?

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