Custom Online Training & Webinars

Marshall Connects provides corporations and individuals with custom online training programs and webinars tailored to your business needs. Sign-up today and see your team and organization thrive with our online emotional intelligence sessions.

CustomOnline Training & Webinars, Emotional Intelligence Team Training

Marshall Connects custom online training, and webinars allow clients to build learning opportunities that maximize individual and organizational development. You can select live or on-demand recorded training and webinars that suit your corporate needs.

Live Custom Training & Webinars

Live training and webinars are interactive video conferencing that happen in real-time. Participants can see and hear everything happening online and engage with the host through Q&A, live polls, discussions, and other features, which allows team members to interact and share their thoughts independently or in a group.

Our custom online training and webinars are highly efficient, engaging, and informative. You can request live sessions be recorded for future review, an additional benefit for those unable to join live. Furthermore, recorded sessions have other benefits, including onboarding new employees or supporting employee development as required.

Marshall Connects online training and webinars are a brilliant way to reach all employees, including those at satellite sites or working from home.

Custom Online Training & Webinar FAQs:

What is the difference between training and webinars?

Webinars work best for short bursts of information, are less personal with general topic coverage and include a question-and-answer period. They typically last between 30-60 minutes. Online training sessions are designed to meet specific objectives and provide an in-depth look into the subject matter. They are often divided into modules, lessons, or units and can occur over a negotiated time frame. Each session duration can be between 45-180 minutes.

What are the advantages of online training/webinars?

They provide convenience and flexibility and allow for a wider audience and reach, as anyone with an internet connection can access them.

How do participants receive training/webinar materials?

All pre-session materials, including (but not limited to) readings, assessments, workbooks, documents, and videos, are provided before the session electronically.

How do participants interact with the instructor?

Communication happens mainly through emails, zoom, or telephone calls.

What are some of the challenges when taking online training?

The key to success with online training is self-discipline. Creating a schedule to prepare for the training and complete pre-and post-session work is paramount to getting the best learning impact.

How large can custom training/webinars be?

To ensure the quality delivery of our live online training and webinars, we recommend capping enrollment at 50 participants.

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