2017 Episode 6: Resilience is Key to Business Endurance

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In episode 6 of Business Wellness in Hamilton, learn why resilience is key to business success.

Business Wellness in Hamilton, Episode 6

Linda Marshall hosts Business Wellness in Hamilton on Cable 14 weekly. Each episode covers buzz-worthy topics such as emotional intelligence, employee engagement, mental health, company culture and much more.

In episode 6, that airs Tuesday, May 16, 2017 at 9:30 am and 9:00 pm the topic is, 'Why Resilience is Key to Business Success.' Linda is joined by Katrina McFadden, VP HR & Corporate Admin., ArcelorMittal Dofasco. She shares the importance of resiliency in the workplace and how it’s impacted her team and entire company. During the Giving Back segment Mary De Sousa, Executive Vice President, Marketing FirstOntario Credit Union provides some examples of how FirstOntario gives backs to our community including their most recent naming opportunities and some innovative initiatives like their Micro Loans and Blue Waves program.


Our lives are full of challenges and misfortune and yet as individuals, we respond to them quite differently depending on how resilient we are. Our resiliency is measured by how quickly we recover from adversity, how long it takes us to and dust ourselves off and bounce back.

There are ways to become more resilient, flexibility is one skill that plays a key role in life and in the workplace when things are constantly changing.

When business operations change, employees must be nimble and prepared to learn new skills which may include re-educating themselves and be ready to think and do things differently.

Leaders must make courageous and hard decisions to transition their teams effectively and efficiently. The more resilient employees are the stronger and more productive the organization.

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