Tips to Stop Avoiding the Inevitable at Work

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Do you ever put off doing something at work, you’re hoping it’ll go away? Especially, when it comes to particular team members? It’s important to take action to maintain those relationships.

Some professional situations seem too daunting to deal with. However, we should deal with them immediately to avoid having our inaction impact our relationships, professionalism and ultimately the team.

Tips to Stop Avoiding the Inevitable at Work, Marshall Connects

How to develop this mindset at work:

A supervisor requests that you work on a project with someone from your team who you don’t have a relationship with, nor do you want to work with this team member. However, it’s implied that saying “no" isn’t an option.

Generally, it’s expected employees have good relationship management skills, but that's not always the case.  If we're honest, most of us would agree that there are people we would choose not to work with, if given the choice.

Bottom line, you need to find a way to make the situation work.

How to make difficult work situations work:

When it comes to dealing with a difficult team member it’s important you try the following tips as they will help you navigate your interactions.

  • Use self-awareness and self-management skills to look inside yourself to develop a plan.
  • Consider how your team member may be feeling about working with you.
  • Use social awareness skills and begin to empathize with your team member.
  • Put yourself in their shoes and consider the situation from their perspective.

Why taking control of your emotions is key:

During interactions with this particular team member be aware of your emotions and follow our tips:

  • Don’t allow your emotions to take over during discussions and decision making.
  • Observe their body language and take cues from them.
  • Actively listen and observe both verbal and non-verbal messages that encourage the conversation to flow.
  • Establish common ground by first asking your team member about their preference and then share your preferences for managing the project.
  • Consider offering to manage some pieces of the project independently, and others collaboratively.

Once you work through a few of these situations, you’ll be more confident and better equipped to move forward. Not to mention you’ll achieve synergy, and build relationships with your team members rather than making the emotionally taxing decision to simply avoid the inevitable.

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