Discover the Fast Track to Success in Six Steps

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Who doesn’t want to achieve success? Setting a goal is a signal that you’re motivated to reach a new level of excellence.  

Discover the Fast Track to Success in Six Steps, Marshall Connects, Ontario

The fast track to success!

Sharpening your self-awareness will fast-track you to success. When you’re highly self-aware and understand what you do well and what you need to work on, you can strengthen your emotional intelligence and inevitably achieve success.

Will making your goals public create an impression of weakness?

There is no question that information is power, and sharing your personal goals with others is a delicate balancing act that can leave you feeling vulnerable. But when those around you understand both your goals and your action plan, they are in a strong position to encourage and motivate and hold you accountable until you achieve success.

Achieve success with these six ways to motivate

Here is a six-step plan to motivate you to achieve success through sharing your goals:

  1. Think of a specific goal you would like to achieve.
  2. Strategically think of individual(s) who you trust to support you in achieving the goal.
  3. Share your goals with them.
  4. Ask for their support monitoring your progress and holding you accountable.
  5. Schedule times to regularly review your progress with them.
  6. Celebrate your success!

You’ll find success when you make your goals public

Regardless of how many people you choose to share your goals with, they can help to nudge you along the path toward the finish line. You will be motivated to impress them with the action you have taken and not disappoint them when they learn of your inaction or indecision.

Many of us visualize success but are not intrinsically motivated. We need some form of external force or pressure to motivate us to achieve our goals.  So ask others to join your team and get ready to celebrate your achievements and overall success. For more strategies to become more successful, read The Power of Emotion or try an EQ-i 2.0: Self-Assessment.

This article was originally published on June 9, 2018, and has been updated (June 2021).

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