How to Start the New Year Strong to Achieve your Goals

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It’s the time of year we start thinking about New Year’s resolutions and goals. There is something highly motivating about starting fresh. How prepared are you for 2023? Plan to practice being more self-aware this year!

Last year, I wrote about things you can do differently to increase your success. It includes a list of suggestions that will heighten your strengths and build the areas you need to develop.

How to Start the New Year Strong to Achieve your Goals, Marshall Connects

Recommendations for reaching your 2023 goals

Suppose you want to start January off with a bang; you seriously need to consider developing a strategic plan for your success. When it comes to reaching your goals, I’ve provided you with my top five recommendations:

  1. Become more self-aware
  2. Ensure your goal is a priority
  3. Create a comprehensive plan
  4. Make your goal public
  5. Practice, practice, practice
  6. Strengthen our emotional intelligence.

Get to know yourself in 2023

Being self-aware and understanding our emotions and what triggers them is an asset few take the time to learn. Self-awareness skills help us notice our feelings and judge if our needs are satisfied. It is a personal competency and the core of emotional intelligence. Strong self-awareness is necessary to become successful, and a lack of it will limit our potential. Consider trying this 5-minute self-awareness quiz. Check out my second book The Power of Emotion, A Practical Guide to Making The Most Of Your Emotional Intelligence.

How much do you want it?

Being conscious of what you want out of life is fundamental to reaching your goals and motivating you to achieve them. If you are genuinely committed to the plan, you will find the time to practice the skill. 

Make a foolproof plan and practice it.

Creating a realistic and tactical plan that works with your schedule is paramount to realizing your goals. If you don’t develop a plan that fits your life, it will be impossible to practice the necessary skills, and you will quickly lose interest and feel defeated.

Equally important is practice; the more you work on a skill, the more proficient you will become. If you don’t follow through consistently and practice, it will be challenging to achieve your goal, and you may quickly lose interest.

Make Your Goals Public

Sharing your goals with others will help hold you accountable for your plan. Securing a mentor or skilled manager will multiply your opportunity for success. Finding a mentor or skilled manager will increase your opportunity for success. Regardless of who you share your goals with, they can help motivate you and prod you toward the finish line.

I encourage you to make space to reflect on the past year to develop the perfect plan to achieve your goals and become more self-aware in 2023. For one-on-one guidance with reaching your goals, including self-development, team building, employee relationships, and more, Click here?

This article was originally published on December 29, 2018, and has been updated (January 2023).

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Are you Emotionally Intelligent?

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Are you Emotionally Intelligent?

Sign up for Linda’s monthly tips to build your Emotional Intelligence and reduce Emotional Hijacking!

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