The Revolutionary Benefits of Strong Emotional Intelligence

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Do you find emotional intelligence an elusive concept that is hard to describe or perhaps understand the benefits? Some do, yet, it affects our relationships, emotions, success, and so much of what we do, from managing our behaviour, feelings, and social skills to making personal decisions.

The Revolutionary Benefits of Strong Emotional Intelligence, Marshall Connects

Are You Aware Of The Benefits Of Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional intelligence (EI) is embraced now more than ever due to its revolutionary benefits in strengthening relationships and the quality of our life. Undoubtedly, the power of an individual's EI differentiates them from others and plays a critical role in personal and professional success.

Essentially, individuals with strong EI are self-aware and benefit from recognizing, understanding, and managing their feelings/emotions and, believe it or not, those of others. This ability helps them be more intuitive and develop lasting relationships.

Demystifying Emotional Intelligence

During my speaking engagements and coaching situations on the power of EI, I receive many questions about this hot topic. People are intrigued by the possibility of ongoing personal growth and want to learn more. Here are some of the frequently asked questions.

The Top Four Benefits of Emotional Intelligence FAQs:

#1 | How can I possibly manage the emotions of others when I can't manage my own?

Believe it or not, it's possible to learn to do both. Our feelings/emotions send us vital signals, so, know how to understand them. Once we become more self-aware and understand our strengths and areas needing improvement, it becomes much easier to recognize our emotions and those of others. Learning as much as you can about those you interact with provides immeasurable benefits. When people know you are interested and care about them, it elevates your connection and overall relationship.

#2 | Why is EI so Powerful?

It's an essential element that can be learned and goes hand-in-hand with intellect to create well-balanced individuals. With practise, we can elevate your EI core competencies. Simply put, strengthening your emotional intelligence will increase your intuitiveness and provide a significant advantage in your interactions and relationships.

#3 | What are the Benefits of Understanding My Emotions?

Understanding your emotions provides numerous benefits, including developing your EI core competencies like self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management skills. When you're in sync with your feelings, you begin to understand what makes you tick. We feel our thoughts and emotions physically, which can affect how we manage our emotions. It is pretty simple to make rational decisions; when we manage our emotions effectively.  

#4 |How can I Benefit through Strengthening My EI?

Without question, your life will be incredibly enriched if you invest time in strengthening your EI. The science behind emotional intelligence and neuroplasticity proves that boosting your Emotional Quotient (EQ) is within everyone’s capabilities. As mentioned earlier, it's a skill we can learn and advance; all required is practise. Your sense of self will change, and the quality of your relationships with friends, family, and colleagues will be enhanced when you build your emotional intelligence.

When my clients invest in Emotional Intelligence training, their personal and professional growth soars - it's so encouraging. If you want to up your game, change your life and move to the next level in your career, you're going to want to focus on strengthening your emotional intelligence. Here is a link to my book, The Power of Emotion, another opportunity to learn more about your EI.

This article was originally published on August 25, 2018, and has been updated (August 2021).

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Are you Emotionally Intelligent?

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Are you Emotionally Intelligent?

Sign up for Linda’s monthly tips to build your Emotional Intelligence and reduce Emotional Hijacking!

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