Visualize your Success Like an Olympic Athlete

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Olympic athletes are currently competing to be the best in their sport, as they prepare, many visualize themselves standing on the podium with a gold medal draped around their neck. This visualization technique helps them reach success.   

Many athletes use visualization techniques as part of the mental component of their training. 

Learn How to Visualize your Success, Marshall Connects

For example, hockey players visualize success as they head toward the puck.  They see the puck going into the net as they swing their stick to propel the round black piece of rubber forward. Skiers visualize a successful run down the slopes completed in record-setting time.

Visualization can be a useful tool for creating a path to success!

Visualizing is necessary to establish the neural pathways required to develop skills into habits. What you see with your eyes, and the image that you visualize with your mind challenges your brain to distinguish between the two.

Research shows that MRI scans done on individuals who are viewing a colourful sunset are virtually the same as the scans done on those visualizing a sunset in their mind.  It’s amazing the tricks we can play on our mind!!

Here are some tips to step up your visualization game:

  1. Find a quiet spot where you can concentrate without any distractions.
  2. Close your eyes and focus on what you want to happen.
  3. Create a positive mindset. Let go of the past and reframe negative thoughts to positive ones: use a “glass is half-full” attitude.
  4. Start to visualize the personal traits that are required to reach your goals.
  5. Visually walk yourself through the steps necessary to succeed.
  6. Use affirmations like pictures and/or words to reinforce your goals. 

Visualization is an excellent way to end your day, and if you continue this practice you can work through challenging situations and strengthen this skill. Ultimately, we’re in control of our actions, success and keeping visualization positive will help us to stay focused and calm. 

Remember, we believe that story that we tell ourselves each day!

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