The Inner Dialogue: How Your Thoughts Shape Your Reality

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It's absolutely amazing the power our thoughts have over our mind; however, our mind doesn't always believe what we tell it. Many don't comprehend the inherent power of our thoughts or how they make us feel.

The Power of Self-Perception: How Your Mind Creates Your Identity

The Inner Dialogue: How Your Thoughts Shape Your Reality, Marshall Connects article

From the moment we open our eyes in the morning until we close them at the end of the day, we constantly send messages to our brains that contribute to how our day plays out.

Are We the Product of Our Thoughts?

During my speaking engagements, I frequently share the number of thoughts the average person has per day. People are genuinely astounded to learn we have approximately 50,000 – 80,000 thoughts per day. Many of them are senseless and unimportant as they quickly pass through our minds; however, some affect how we feel and react. The good news is we can choose which ones we release or act upon, which is where your power lies. There is a profound connection between our thoughts and the essence of who we are.

Physically Feeling Our Thoughts and Emotions

Each time a thought occurs, our brain produces chemicals that trigger reactions that we feel throughout our body. We usually don’t realize how much our thoughts command our feelings because we continuously think the same way we breathe. The experience of thoughts and emotions is closely connected to physical sensations in our bodies. When we have thoughts or emotions, they trigger specific physiological responses in our bodies, which occurs through the intricate connection between our brain, nervous, and hormonal systems. For example, when we feel anxious or stressed, our body may respond by increasing our heart rate, tensing muscles, or releasing stress hormones like cortisol.

Similarly, positive emotions such as happiness or excitement can lead to sensations like a lightness in the chest, a warm feeling, or an increase in energy levels. On the other hand, negative emotions like sadness or fear can manifest as heaviness in the body, tightness in the throat, or a sense of tension.

Our emotions are very powerful and can overwhelm us; our thoughts can turn the heat up or down, affecting how we manage our emotions. These physical sensations often connect with our thoughts and emotions through feedback. Our thoughts and emotions can influence our physical state, and our physical state can impact our thoughts and feelings. Awareness of these physical sensations can provide valuable insights into our emotional experiences and overall well-being. To gain more insight, you may want to check out my book, The Power of Emotion.

Achieving A Work-Life Balance

We live in an age where a focus on being positive, balanced, and healthy emotionally and physically is at the forefront of most people’s minds. Many workplaces see the vital need to decrease stress and create a culture that promotes a much-needed work-life balance. At the same time that we have all of these positive reinforcements, there is still no shortage of negative influences. We can learn techniques to reduce the number of thoughts our mind ponders daily with some practice.

Five Simple Techniques to Reduce Your Negative Thoughts

  1. Practice mindfulness - focus on the present.
  2. Meditate to help you focus and slow your stream of thoughts.
  3. Use a mantra – repeat a word or thought to calm your mind.
  4. Write things down to remove them from your thoughts and visit them later.
  5. Take time to breathe to calm yourself.

If you can reduce the number of thoughts your mind processes, you will regain the power to increase your focus, save time and energy and have a much happier and more productive day. We’d love to enhance your personal and professional life. Learn ways we can work together to strengthen your emotional intelligence and change your life.

This article was originally published on March 2, 2019, and has been updated (July 2023).

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