Strengthen your Emotional Intelligence and Change your Life!

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Developing your emotional intelligence will improve your life both personally and professionally, which is why I have outlined ways you can build and strengthen this skill.

Strengthen your emotional intelligence, Marshall ConnectsEmotional intelligence has become very buzz worthy! Recently, I wrote a blog called, What is Emotional Intelligence? where I outlined why emotional intelligence is so valuable to your overall success in life.

Emotional intelligence isn’t fixed at birth

Unlike IQ, emotional intelligence is not fixed at birth and is something you can grow and develop. Did you know learning new skills actually create permanent physical changes in the brain? The more we develop our self-awareness through recognizing and understanding our emotions and reactions the more we build our emotional muscle, thus enhancing our emotional intelligence and building our Emotional Quotient (EQ).  

How you can strengthen your emotional intelligence

  • enhance your self-management skills through the way you control, and adapt your emotions, mood, reactions, and responses
  • harness your emotions to motivate yourself to take appropriate action, commit, follow-through, and work toward the achievement of your goals
  • develop empathy by discerning feelings of others, understanding their emotions, and utilizing that understanding to relate to others more effectively
  • build relationships, communicate with others in social situations, lead, negotiate conflict, and work as part of a team.

Some interesting statistics

Emotional intelligence is so critical to success that it accounts for 58% of performance in all types of jobs, making it something well worth working on. Furthermore, research indicates individuals with high emotional intelligence are 10 times more productive than those with low emotional intelligence. It’s no wonder that 90% of top performers are high in emotional intelligence!

Strengthening your emotional intelligence is definitely within your reach, and as I’ve mentioned it will positively impact your life.

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Are you Emotionally Intelligent?

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