Why You Need To Surround Yourself With Your People

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Do you ever feel you’re missing someone or something in your life? When I feel this way, I reach out to the those I’m closest with, “my people,” as they always have a positive influence on me. There’s a significant power in selecting those who you spend time with wisely.

Why You Need to Surround Yourself with Your People, Marshall Connects

“The friends you choose to have in your life will undoubtedly play a role in who you are and will impact who you become.” – Linda Marshall

Your People Are Your Strongest Asset

Currently, I’m writing my second book (this one’s about emotional intelligence), and I must confess, it’s an exciting journey with many bumps along the way. Since this part of my work is relatively independent, I’ve found myself feeling a bit lonely and isolated at times. Recently, when I was feeling this way, I made the conscious decision to connect with “my people.”  Invariably, every time we get together, their influence leaves me feeling optimistic, stimulated and with renewed energy for life. My people instinctively support and inspire me. My people instinctively support and inspire me.

Your People Know What Makes You Tick

Frequently, I reflect on and have written about the benefits of sharing time with my tribe - those who only want the best for me and me for them, a.k.a. “my people.”

“My people” have a great deal of positive influence in my life. They know me - the good, the bad, and the ugly and love me unconditionally. They don’t have to be in your life every day to know you and what makes you tick. Nothing can replace spending time with people who are good listeners, able to finish your sentences, and who care about you unconditionally. 

Building “Your Community” With What Matters Most

I’ve found that finding people who share your values is significant in selecting “your people.” Choose your friends wisely, as they become essential to building your community.

Think about this…

If we spend time with people who are opposed to our values, their influence may not be positive; we run the risk of becoming more like them. Also, fair or not, we will be judged in life by the company we keep. I believe strongly in the late Jim Rohn’s quote, “you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” I think about this and ask myself if I’m spending enough time with positive people I appreciate, enjoy, and whose influence brings value to my life.

Be Mindful of Who You Surround Yourself With

When it comes to our friends, author, and psychotherapist, Amy Morin suggests five ways your friends can affect your success:
  1. Strong-willed friends can increase your self-control. 
  2. Fewer friends increase the likelihood you’ll take financial risks.
  3. Too many social media connections can increase your stress level.
  4. Close friends could be the secret to longevity.
  5. Friends can greatly influence your choices.

Surrounding yourself the right people will influence you’re your life positively and help you achieve your goals. Relationships thrive on optimism; some studies even suggest the right friends lower the risk of disease by reducing blood pressure, heart rate, and cholesterol – that’s the value of “your people”! Be sure to check out many more motivational blogs here.

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Are you Emotionally Intelligent?

Sign up for Linda’s monthly tips to build your Emotional Intelligence and reduce Emotional Hijacking!

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