The Path to Finding Your Joy

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Many people let fear set their path. After years in one career, they may feel they want to do other things in life, but they have a really good job and make good money, so they just stay where they are, sacrificing their joy and optimism.

The Path to finding your joy, Marshall Connects

Anything else would be too risky.

What if they fail? Fear can paralyze people, robbing them of the pursuit of things that might be. It sucks away their joy and optimism. They end up staying in the same place, stuck in mediocrity. That place might feel safer, but it’s dangerous in that it drains the spirit and wastes human potential.

Taking things to the next level

Getting over this fear will not only give you more confidence but will also give you the momentum to take things to the next level and get more joy out of life. Optimism will propel you to greater heights. That’s the lesson here. To me, it’s common sense. Optimism is having the confidence that your future plans will have a successful outcome. We need courage, yet many people cannot overcome their fear of failure. It’s okay to make mistakes. That’s how we learn. We learn and grow because we realize what didn't work. The greatest inventions in the world were born out of failure. They were born because the inventor didn't quit.

Be willing to give it all you have, because it may take all you have to succeed. In the end, when you have obtained what you really wanted, the effort will have been worth it. Never settle, because you will find your joy.

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