Sharing Lessons Learned with College Graduates

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If you were asked to share an inspiring speech to a group of college graduates, what would you say? Recently, I was both humbled and honoured to be awarded Distinguished Fellow Adjunct – Professor by Mohawk College and with that, I was asked to speak to their graduates.

Sharing Lessons Learned with College GraduatesWhile I was pleased and grateful for this achievement, one I never considered a possibility, it provided me with the opportunity to sit back and reflect. During my time of reflection, I thought about the many opportunities I’ve had in my life and lessons I’ve learned along the way.

As I wrote my speech for Mohawk College’s Spring Business Convocation I took a long and thoughtful walk down memory lane to select inspiring lessons to share with the graduates. 

Lessons I Learned Along the Way

  • Remember you’re now joining the Life Long Learner Club.
  • You Are the Author of Your life – You hold your destiny in the palm of your hands. You have total control of your success moving forward.
  • Your Achievement Drive will either elevate you to success or drive you into the ground - keep in mind how hard you want to work to achieve your dreams.
  • Enhancing your emotional intelligence will really make a difference to your success in your personal and professional life.
  • Be cognizant of your strengths and the areas you need to improve upon - This will enhance your self-awareness and develop your self-confidence.
  • Follow Your Passion – you will need it to keep you motivated!
  • Often our biggest obstacle is ourselves! Be careful that you don’t become the obstacle in your way.
  • Make your goals public – people can’t support you if they don’t know where you’re going.
  • Learn from others, ask questions, don't ever stop being curious.
  • Move forward thoughtfully and cautiously and don’t be afraid to fall down because you will…we all do. You will be defined by your resiliency, not by your mistakes.
  • Embrace your challenges, no matter how painful they are. Challenges are opportunities that strengthen our core.
  • I believe in living your legacy - think about what you’re projecting to others and visit your values regularly.
  • Keep it real, authenticity is key.
  • Never give up! If something doesn’t work continue to work on it until you find the solution and don’t be afraid to ask others for help.

Preparing for my speech for this special ceremony was a gift and one I will cherish. Taking time to look back on the path we’ve taken on our journey is so important to help us gain perspective on life’s opportunities and our many achievements. This, in turn, can prepare us for the next phase of our lives and remind us not to take anything for granted because tomorrow is not guaranteed!

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