Focus on Small Wins for Unbelievable Growth This Year

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Recently during a getaway with a friend we had an interesting conversation about work-life balance. After a lengthy discussion about what more balance would look like, we recognized that completing tasks and goals more quickly would gift us time, however, we also realized that striving for efficiency means we can’t be perfect.

Keep a laser focus

My friend highly recommends using an agile approach to achieve your goa1s. In simple terms, focus solely on one goal and break down the goal into multiple short-term sub-goals. Keep a laser focus on achieving each sub-goal and celebrate each success along the way. This approach will help you achieve more accomplishments in a shorter period of time and the small wins will increase your overall happiness.

Focus on Small Wins for Unbelievable Growth This Year, Marshall Connects

You don’t need to be perfect

Striving for perfection is not only an unhealthy way to live, it’s impossible to achieve it. You don’t need perfection – after achieving a sub-goal, plan the next sub-goal based on learnings from last one. You continuously improve through your quicker, shorter sprints through each sub-goal. This approach contrasts with typical multi-tasking which includes an incredible amount of wasted time due to ‘switching’ between different tasks and goals on a constant basis. Multi-tasking results in taking much longer to achieve many goals, less leisure time and more stress!

  • It’s hard to believe that striving to be perfect can affect you negatively but it can! Here’s the thing, if you focus on small mistakes and getting things perfect, you miss out on so many other things around you. We must realize that striving to be perfect is not the same as striving for your best.
    - Linda Marshall, President, Marshall Connects

Being agile is key

This approach can be applied to developing your emotional intelligence. When you have strong emotional intelligence you’re not a perfectionist, instead you focus on self-improvement. As you become more self-aware you can determine steps to strengthen your emotional intelligence. Agility is key to ongoing growth, short term achievements and continuous development.

Getting it done trumps perfection

Working towards completing a task with your best effort without focusing on a perfect product is both efficient and effective. Yes, getting it done trumps perfection. You still have long term ambitions (your compass), but you can achieve them in shorter, incremental, iterative milestones (your roadmap). One milestone isn’t perfection - it is a great achievement to be celebrated.

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Are you Emotionally Intelligent?

Sign up for Linda’s monthly tips to build your Emotional Intelligence and reduce Emotional Hijacking!

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