Case Study #1 | Great Results by Visiting Your Values

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Scenario: You are a new team leader to a group that struggles with change and isn't receptive to you – by visiting your values you will open communication, strengthen the team and increase productivity. 

The Challenge

You’re a new team leader to a group that isn’t receptive to you; they have steadfast habits and don’t respond to change well. You need to lead this team for many reasons; to prove yourself in this position, but most importantly to be effective on the project. There’s a lot of chatter happening and you can feel the stress as you walk into the room.

The Marshall Connects Solution

Depending on your natural tendency your approach will vary. You may choose to internalize your feelings, separating yourself from the team when you don’t have to interact with them, dictate like a soldier in an attempt to get what you need completed, or you may choose to visit your values and lead with empathy.  It’s important to visit your values. Take a deep breath and remember that whether you're a team leader or not, leading yourself through your values will allow you to lead by example.

If you value connection then make sure you’re creating opportunities before or after your team meetings (even at coffee break) to connect with and to get to know them. If you value process and structure then seek back from your team the best practices they have utilized in the past and build on that with them.

You will face resistance at first, but this strategy will open up communication and demonstrate an authentic interest in your team’s input and feelings. This approach will not only strengthen the team, it will increase overall productivity.

From the Client:

  • Our group is made up of highly accomplished managers with years of experience. They can be a tough audience, to say the least, but Marshall Connects was able to assess our internal challenges, open communication within our team, resulting in increased efficiency.
    Case Study #1 | Client Testimonial

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