Case Study #3 | Combating Low Employee Engagement

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Scenario: Employee engagement and productivity is low, causing significant tension between management and employees – implementing an Emotional Intelligence program, transforms communication and increases productivity. 

The Challenge

Employee engagement is considerably low, with employee stress at an all-time high. Management isn't effectively communicating with employees, causing tension and decreased productivity.

The Marshall Connects Solution

Often we do not understand that our emotions guide all we do. They impact employees' interactions and behaviour. In adverse work environments such as this, we suggest implementing a 6-week Emotional Intelligence program that includes group and one-on-one consulting for all employees and specialized training for Emotional Intelligence training for management. Developing emotional intelligence is entirely within everyone's reach. The more individuals strengthen their self-awareness, they build emotional muscle, therefore enhancing emotional intelligence and increasing Emotional Quotient.

Interactive workshops are held monthly with the executive team. These workshops feature training on the four core competencies of emotional intelligence: self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management. In addition, we review corporate values and employee values to ensure there is alignment.

Within 6 weeks, a noticeable difference will be apparent for both management and employee relations. Over time, meetings, where emotion ran high ending up in frustration, are now more productive since team members having a better understanding of emotional intelligence and its impact on themselves and others.

Our Emotional Intelligence programs transform communication between employees and management, resulting in stronger relationships, higher productivity, healthy employee engagement, and a lower level of employee stress.

From the Client:

  • Several months ago, our management team participated in one of Linda's Emotional Intelligence Workshop Series. Linda's presentation was very inspiring, and our team has noticed the significant value in what she taught us. We have implemented her strategies with our entire team and have noticed increased employee engagement.
    Case Study #3 | Client Testimonial

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