Why Work With Us

At Marshall Connects we believe passion drives overall engagement and we see the value in focusing on strengths to resolve challenges. Our clients appreciate the difference our work makes in their personal and professional lives.

We help our clients gain valuable personal and professional development skills.

We help our broad spectrum of clients, from individuals to organizations, assess and improve their engagement, communication, self-management and self-awareness skills, and live more positive lives.

We want our clients to live the best life possible.

We walk our clients through the steps to do so. All of us have the power to be happy and be the positive influence we desire in both our personal & professional lives.

We help our clients get ahead by giving back.

It's our mission to engage and connect people. We believe that together we can achieve extraordinary outcomes serving each other, which will positively impact their personal and proessional life and community.

We bring people together to create positive outcomes.

We believe that meaningful connections lead to extraordinary experiences and opportunities.

We are committed to elevating client experiences to an exceptional level to ignite individual passion, engage, and advance professional performance. We connect people in a way that makes them feel engaged and valued.

Marshall Connects values the power of connections and the lasting impact those connections have on our community and the way we feel.

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Real People, Real Results

Case Study #3 | Combating Low Employee Engagement

Case Study #3 | Combating Low Employee Engagement

Scenario: Employee engagement and productivity is low, causing significant tension between management and employees – implementing an Emotional Intelligence program, transforms communication and increases productivity.

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Case Study #2 | Self-Awareness - Observing the Ripple Effect

Case Study #2 | Self-Awareness - Observing the Ripple Effect

Scenario: A manager publicly berates an employee in front of the team, the negative ripple effect impacts all who witnessed it. Honing self-awareness and implementing key strategies to manage emotions will help the entire team. 

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How Emotionally Intelligent Are You?

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We’re proud to say we’ve done some wonderful work with some wonderful community-minded organizations.

  • Pearson Dunn Insurance Inc.

  • Budds' BMW Hamilton

  • Hamilton Arts Council

  • Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra

  • Mohawk College

  • OBIA

  • Physique Fitness


  • McMaster University - Student Success Centre

  • Hamilton Family Health Team

  • AllerGen
  • Marshall Truck & Trailer Repair Ltd.
  • Nielsen
  • PCL Construction
  • Royal Bank
  • Wesley Urban Ministries
  • North Hamilton Community Health Centre