Keynote Speaker | Power of the Purse Hamilton | October 25, 2017

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Linda Marshall is a keynote speaker at the upcoming popular women’s conference, Power of the Purse. This conference is being held at Mohawk College in Hamilton, Ontario on October 25, 2017. 

Power of the Purse, Hamilton, Linda MarshallPower of the Purse Comes to Mohawk College

Linda Marshall is a keynote speaker at Power of the Purse Hamilton on October 25, 2017, at Mohawk College. Power of the Purse is a popular and inspiring one-day women's conference that attracts up to 300 women from Hamilton and surrounding areas. Cynthia O’Neill founded Power of the Purse and this year marks its 10th anniversary. 

This conference celebrates the earning power, purchasing power and offers a platform for highly successful woman to share their triumphs. Over the past two years Linda has spoken at this conference in London, ON, St. John, NB, and Halifax, NS. This year she will be speaking on “Are YOU the Obstacle in

For this conference, Linda's presentation is titled, “Are YOU the Obstacle in Your Way”.  Linda's TED style talk digs deep into discovering how strong emotional intelligence enhances your personal power to tackle daily challenges and embrace the changes that bring you success.

Linda Marshall, Author of Giving Back, How to Find Your Personal Joy and Make a Difference To Others offers motivational TED style talks on a variety of uplifting topics. Through her business, Marshall Connects, she works with businesses and corporations offering workshops, consultations, emotional intelligence assessments & coaching.

Linda Marshall is proud to be a part of this Power of the Purse Conference, as it's an inspiring and energetic event, you won’t want to miss! Attendees experience women standing strong, sharing their strength, stories, and power in support of each other. All in attendance will be uplifted not only by the influential and entertaining speakers but through the various networking opportunities.


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