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Darryl Hartwick, a journalism professor, interviewed Linda Marshall on her book “Giving Back” and explored her influential work with Marshall Connects in the area of emotional intelligence. Linda shares some of her challenges on her personal journey including what changed her life. She speaks of the value of Joy and Gratitude and the negative effects of the Drive-by Life Phenomenon.

Introducing - Your Best U 

Darryl Hartwick recognized that many of his students were feeling intense stress and anxiety; overwhelmed by an ocean of information, ideas, and opinions amplified by social media. In his work as a faculty member at Mohawk College in Hamilton, Ontario, he saw young adults being pulled by the magnetic force of what he termed “a vortex of negativity”.

So the journalism professor tossed a life ring to post-secondary students by starting a blog and podcast he titled Your Best U.

It is a carefully curated collection of information and advice about success, communication, and motivation: Tools to help students survive the impact of an over-communicated world in which face-to-face conversation is a rarity.

  • I take a holistic approach in my work as an educator. You have to take the whole person into account; students aren’t robots and simply can’t process the amount of information they’re trying to digest on a daily basis. They are emerging adults trying to make the right decisions while growing up.
    - Darryl Hartwick

Before he started teaching at Mohawk, Hartwick spent 24 years in broadcast journalism, the bulk of those years at 900 CHML radio in Hamilton. During that time he told hundreds of stories about people, and how they were affected by everything from health care cuts to rising property taxes. So his decision to interview individuals on their life, work, and passions was a natural one for his weekly podcast series.

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